Welcome to Ilbl

How to form a team and join the league.


The Basics

To even start a team your going to need the basics: A field, minimum 8 players, numbered shirts, an umpire, and a device that can record video.

The Application Step

To have your team join the league you must fill out the league's team application, sent it to the league, and pay the filing fee.

The Application Form

Team Owner(s):

Team Name:

Home Field:

Contact Info: (Phone Number, Email, Mailing Address)

Social Media: (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Website, etc.)

Schedule Games

If you are just starting out you will be in the Association Division. It is the job of all teams in the division the schedule games with teams in there region.

Start Playing

Now that all the work and setup is out of the way all you'll need to do is go out on the field and start playing games